We are a Sri Lankan pharmaceutical company which focuses on research and development of pharmaceutical products and medicines with special emphasis on cancer prevention and treatment products. 

Our team comprises of a multinational team of medical doctors, Ayurvedic doctors, oncologists, scientists and medical researchers, agronomists, consultants with extensive international experience and technical staff dedicated to manufacturing of nutraceuticals and pharmaceuticals.

Our Primary Focus

The purpose is to focus on organically grown crops with medicinal properties native to Sri Lanka and develop various value added medical, pharmaceutical and nutraceutical products based on these crops.

Focus on Natural Herbs

We aim to make value added products from Sri Lanka’s natural resources particularly herbal plants, ayurvedic medicinal remedies and crops with medicinal properties

Commercial Manufacturing

We continue to commercialize plant based medicine and food supplement products from Sri Lanka with worldwide export potential.

R & D on Plant Based Medicine

We want to turn Sri Lanka into a forefront runner within research, production and export of plant-based medicines and pharmaceutical products.

Global Sales

We promote Ayurvedic Medical traditions to the world market. 

Cancer Treatments

We are commercializing Sri Lankan medicinal crops to fight cancer and other diseases.