R&D Driven Sri Lankan Pharmaceutical Company with a Global Vision

Ceylon Green Ayurveda products are manufactured using 100% natural in-grown ingredients. The herbs induced in our natural ingredients are being used for generations in the system of indigenous medicine to promote health and wellness. Ceylon Ayoro is a company that has brought together age-old herbal remedy & modern technology to produce a range of herbal products using natural active ingredients. Ayurveda is a holistic form of medicine manufactured from natural sources which have been enhancing a healthy way of life since ancient times. It is founded on a concept of safety and efficacy in Ayurveda products, which explicitly avoid harmful side effects, providing the basis of quality standards. The result has been traditional and authentically eco-friendly and consumer-friendly natural medicinal products.

The primary objective of Ceylon Green Ayurveda is to be your most trusted health care partner while reinventing the values of Ayurveda through the intervention of modern technology; while preserving its natural goodness. Ceylon Green Ayurveda is constantly working on and periodically reviews its products that are already in the market.

Our Vision

“To be your most trusted health care partner while reinventing the values of Ayurveda”

Our Mission

“To promote the miraculous healing power of Ayurveda and the value of herbals of Ayurvedic medicine locally as well as internationally.
Improving people’s lives with our health care products in order to make the world a healthier place
To provide patient-centred health care with excellence in quality and service raising the standards of Ayurvedic medicine.”




Quality assurance is the set of planned and systematic actions necessary to provide appropriate confidence that a product will satisfy the requirements for quality and quality assurance applies to all forms of products and services. These protocols introduced the rules: “fit for purpose” and “do it right the first time”. It includes the regulation of the quality of raw materials, assemblies, products and components; services related to production; and management, production, and inspection processes to survive in the competitive market, and for which it is essential to satisfy the customer by providing products with zero defects.
ISO 22000: 2018 Food Safety Management System

Ceylon Green Ayurveda Manufacturing (Pvt.) Ltd obtained the ISO 22000:2018 Food Safety Management Systems in 2022 from Sri Lanka Standards Institution.

ISO 22000:2018 is a global food safety standard, which designed to enable organization to control food safety hazards along the food chain in order to ensure that food is safe at the time of consumption.

GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices)
GMP Ensure that their products are safe, pure, and effective. GMP enables companies to minimise or eliminate instances of contamination, mix ups and errors. This in turn, protects the consumer from purchasing a product which is not effective or even dangerous. A key issue for product safety is the risk of cross contamination occurring during the process from the internal factory environment. Most of these issues can be managed through adherence to good manufacturing practices (GMP). This standard explains hygienic practices that should be followed in manufacturing foods, starting from raw material stage through to finished consumer product. GMP regulations address issues including record keeping, personal qualifications, sanitation, cleanliness, equipment verification, process validation and complaint handling.
HACCP (Hazard analysis and critical control points)
HACCP is management system in which food safety is addressed through the analysis and control of biological, chemical, and physical hazards from raw material production, procurement and handling, to manufacturing, distribution and consumption of the finished product. Ceylon Green Ayurveda Manufacturing (Pvt.) Ltd obtained this certification in 2022 from Sri Lanka Standards Institution. Within this system we assess all aspects of food safety from raw material sourcing through processing and distribution to final use by the consumer. By identifying where the hazards are likely to occur in the process, we have the opportunity to put in place the measures needed to prevent those hazards occurring. This reduces the risk of manufacturing and selling unsafe products.
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